Can Crested Geckos Eat Bananas

Can Crested Geckos Eat Bananas | A Nutritional Insight

Let’s talk about crested geckos and their potential love affair with bananas. You know, those vibrant little creatures that never fail to steal our hearts with their unique charm. But here’s the million-dollar question: Can Crested Geckos Eat Bananas?

Now, I get it ā€“ the thought of your gecko nibbling on a banana slice is adorable. But before you rush off to share your snack, let’s break it down. Crested geckos have a specific diet that keeps them healthy and happy. Iā€™m diving into the nitty-gritty of their eating habits to see if bananas could be a part of the menu.

By the end, you’ll know if these geckos can enjoy bananas and maintain their health and happiness. So, hang on as I uncover the truth about crested geckos and bananas.

Can Crested Geckos Eat Bananas?

Yes, crested geckos can eat bananas as an occasional treat. Bananas are a safe and nutritious fruit option to offer to your crested gecko. But they should not constitute a significant portion of their diet. While bananas are generally well-tolerated by crested geckos, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind when feeding them this fruit.

Crested geckos are primarily insectivores, which means their diet should consist mainly of live insects, supplemented with specialized gecko food. Fruits like bananas can be introduced as a treat and to provide dietary variety, but they should not replace the core elements of their diet.

Benefits of Bananas for Crested Geckos

can crested geckos have bananas

Crested geckos, scientifically known as Correlophus ciliatus, are captivating and distinct reptiles. They’ve won the affection of numerous reptile enthusiasts. As omnivores with diverse dietary needs, they thrive on a mix of insects, fruits, and specialized powdered diets. 

While bananas are not a staple food for crested geckos, they can offer several benefits when provided as an occasional treat. Here are the key advantages of incorporating bananas into your crested gecko’s diet:

  1. Nutritional Variety

Bananas bring a different flavor and texture to your crested gecko’s diet. By offering a diverse range of foods, you can mimic the natural foraging behavior of crested geckos in the wild. This variety also helps prevent dietary boredom and encourages your gecko to explore its food.

  1. Vitamins and Minerals

Bananas are a natural source of essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to your crested gecko’s overall health. They contain vitamins such as vitamin B6, which aids in metabolism and growth, and vitamin C, an antioxidant that supports the immune system. The presence of potassium helps regulate fluid balance and muscle function.

  1. Hydration

With their relatively high water content, bananas can assist in maintaining your crested gecko’s hydration levels. Providing clean water is vital, and water-rich foods like bananas are especially beneficial in warm periods or for extra moisture needs in your gecko.

  1. Enrichment

Introducing new foods like bananas can provide mental and physical stimulation for your crested gecko. The act of exploring and consuming different foods engages their natural instincts and curiosity, enhancing their overall well-being.

  1. Occasional Treat

Bananas should be regarded as a treat rather than a primary food source. Their natural sweetness makes them appealing, but they also contain sugars that can be excessive if consumed too frequently. 

Occasionally offering bananas ensures your gecko gains nutritional benefits without jeopardizing its health.

  1. Bonding Opportunity

Feeding your crested gecko treats like bananas can create positive interactions between you and your pet. It allows you to build trust and develop a strong bond, as your gecko associates you with enjoyable experiences.

Nutritional Value of Banana for Crested Geckos

Nutritional value of Bananas

Bananas are a popular and tasty treat for crested geckos, offering a variety of nutrients that can complement their diet. Here’s a brief overview of the nutritional value of bananas for crested geckos:

Calories: Bananas are relatively low in calories, making them a suitable treat for crested geckos without contributing to excessive weight gain.

Carbohydrates and Sugars: Bananas are a good source of carbohydrates and natural sugars, providing quick energy for your gecko.

Dietary Fiber: The dietary fiber in bananas can aid digestion and promote gut health in crested geckos.

Vitamins: Bananas contain vitamin C, which supports the immune system, and vitamin B6, important for various bodily functions.

Minerals: The potassium and magnesium in bananas contribute to overall health, including muscle function and hydration.

NutrientAmount per 100g
Calories 96 kcal
Carbohydrates 22.8 g
Sugars 17.2 g
Dietary Fiber 2.6 g
Protein 1 g
Fat 0.2 g
Vitamin C 8.7 mg 
Vitamin B6 0.4 mg 
Folate 20 mcg 
Potassium 358 mg
Magnesium 27 mg 

Can Baby Crested Geckos Eat Bananas?

Can baby crested geckos eat banana

Yes, baby crested geckos can eat small amounts of bananas as an occasional treat. Because young crested geckos have distinct dietary needs from adults, exercise caution. 

Provide a balanced diet that caters to their specific requirements. Baby crested geckos require specialized gecko food and suitably sized live insects for optimal growth and development.

Can Crested Geckos Eat Raw Bananas?

Yes, crested geckos can eat raw bananas, but it’s important to offer ripe, soft, and properly prepared banana pieces. Avoid feeding unripe bananas, as they can be harder to digest and may not provide the same nutritional benefits. Always cut the banana into small, manageable pieces to make it easier for your gecko to eat.

Can Crested Geckos Eat Banana Peels?

Can crested geckos eat banana peels

It’s generally recommended to avoid feeding banana peels to crested geckos. Banana flesh is safe and offers nutrition, but the tougher peel might be harder for geckos to digest. 

Additionally, the peel may not offer the same nutritional benefits as the flesh of the banana. To ensure the safety and well-being of your crested gecko, it’s best to stick to feeding them the soft and ripe inner part of the banana.

How to Feed Bananas to Crested Geckos

Can crested geckos eat raw banana

Feeding bananas to your crested gecko can be a fun and nutritious way to diversify its diet. However, it’s important to do so in a way that ensures your gecko’s health and well-being. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to feed bananas to your crested gecko:

  1. Choose Ripe Bananas

Select ripe bananas that are free from blemishes or mold. Ripe bananas are softer and easier for your gecko to consume and digest.

  1. Prepare Small Portions

Slice a small portion of the banana into bite-sized pieces. Remember that bananas are treats and should not constitute a significant portion of your gecko’s diet.

  1. Offer Bite-Sized Pieces

Place the small banana pieces in your crested gecko’s feeding dish. If your gecko is not immediately interested, you can hold the pieces with tweezers and gently bring them close to your gecko’s mouth.

  1. Observe Your Gecko

Allow your crested gecko to explore and consume the banana pieces at its own pace. Some geckos may be more curious and eager to try new foods, while others may take their time.

  1. Remove Uneaten Portions

After a few hours, remove any uneaten banana pieces from the enclosure. This prevents the banana from becoming overripe and potentially attracting pests.

  1. Moderation is Key

Remember that bananas should be offered as an occasional treat rather than a regular part of your gecko’s diet. Too much fruit can lead to an imbalance in nutrients and excess sugars.

  1. Monitor Your Gecko’s Response

Observe your crested gecko’s reaction to the banana treats. Some geckos may take to bananas quickly, while others may show less interest. As with any new food, be patient and give your gecko time to adjust.

  1. Maintain a Balanced Diet

Bananas should complement your crested gecko’s staple diet, which includes specialized powdered diets and live insects. Ensure that the majority of its nutritional needs are met through these staple foods.

  1. Consult a Vet if Necessary

If you have any concerns about introducing new foods like bananas to your crested gecko’s diet, consult a reptile veterinarian. They can provide guidance based on your gecko’s individual needs and health status.

  1. Bond Through Feeding

Feeding your crested gecko treats like bananas can also be a bonding experience. It allows you to interact with your pet in a positive and rewarding way.

Bottom Line

Incorporating bananas as an occasional treat in your crested gecko’s diet can provide them with additional vitamins and minerals. However, it’s crucial to prioritize their main diet, which should consist of live insects and powdered diets tailored to their requirements. 

By adhering to the guidelines and observing your gecko’s health, you ensure they receive the best nutrition for a joyful and thriving life.


Do Crested Geckos Eat Bananas?

Yes, crested geckos can eat bananas occasionally, but they should not be a primary part of their diet. Bananas can be offered as a treat in moderation.

How Much Banana Can a Crested Gecko Eat?

When offering bananas to crested geckos, provide a small slice or piece that makes up about 5% of their overall diet. This ensures they receive the nutritional benefits without overloading with sugar.

Do Crested Geckos Eat Every Day?

Adult crested geckos do not need to eat every day. Feeding them every 2ā€“3 days is a suitable schedule to prevent overfeeding and maintain their health. Make sure to provide a balanced diet that includes insects, fruit, and commercial crested gecko food.

Can crested geckos eat other fruits?

Yes, crested geckos can eat a variety of fruits, including mangoes, papayas, and figs, as long as they are offered in moderation and as part of a balanced diet.

What foods are toxic to crested geckos?

A: Avoid feeding crested geckos foods that are high in oxalate, such as spinach and rhubarb. Also, avoid foods that are high in phosphorus and low in calcium.

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